Looking To Make Extra Income From Home?

If you are looking to make extra income from home, the freebie world (Incentivized Freebie Websites) is ready and waiting for you. I have been using it personally for the past 3 years, I’m a Mentor at Net income solutions and it helps pay the bills.
I have used all the top IFW sites, but at this time I can only recommend and promote two of them, Project Payday and Net Income Solutions. Not because they are the best but because they are join or work together in a way that makes it easy for the newcomers.
There are at least three methods to make money from IFW sites.
1) Try the offers as the referral and get payment from your sponsor (Method 1)
2) Buy referrals and get money from IFW sites (Method 2)
3) Refer people directly to the IFW sites (Method 3)
Project Payday (PPD) will send you to Net Income Solutions (NIS) or you can start directly with the latter. If you want to make this a business go strait to NIS, But for a fast $50 go with PPD.
Is Project Payday (PPD) or Net Income Solutions (NIS) Right for You?
They are not for everyone. If you meet the following conditions, they may be a smart choice for you.
1. You live in US.
2. You have at least one good secure credit card
3. You don’t mind to frequently use your credit card and reveal your personal information.
4. You are willing to keep very organized records of the offers.
5. You are not dead broke.
6. You are very patient.
7. You willing to invest time and money to build an online business.
If you do not answer YES to all questions, it is not for you.
They will train you!
Project Payday and Net Income Solutions will teach you very efficiently, you will be guided step by step by a personal Mentor, videos from their members area and you will get a very detailed overview on how to use these forums and organize yourself so that you can become a Mentor (in Method 2), where you will be a trader, you will pay others to complete offers for you.
The smarter you are, the more you learn, and the more you will get out of this business.
For those who take the time to learn success is virtually a guarantee.
Completing offers!
Completing offers for people gets to be a little redundant, this is the hardest part of the business, it takes times and discipline to green five sites, More than 95% will never make it, small mistakes can cost you big money (forget to cancel a trial offer), but the more you get used to it, the better organized you will become and the more you will learn. You need to know well how the system works because you will need it when you become a mentor.
If you only need to make a fast fifty bucks, you can complete a few offers, find good deals or free products and get out of the program.
Why become a Mentor?
The reasons for this are simple – you can only complete an offer once, no matter if you see this offer repeated on a different website. This means you will eventually run out of offers to complete in a very short time. The freebie world is not that big at all, there are only a few hundred merchants (offers) for all the IFW sites.
When completing offers, you will not make that much profit and sometimes you will be in the red if you are going for five or more sites trying to make it to Method 2. The more sites you green (completed) the harder it become because you have less offers available. To green  or complete one site, on average you will need about 10 offers, five sites is about 50 offers to become a Mentor. Most IFW sites have less than 150 offers at any one time and take in consideration that 50% of these offers can be worthless or very expensive for a referral. For example, I’m not a smoker, gamer, overweight, wear jewelry, have small children, those thing made about 50% of the offers worthless to me. So in other to make money with this, you must become a mentor ASAP.
Why You Need a Mentor?
Not just anyone can sign up on these sites, complete the offers, and obtain the cash or prizes. Someone, a “trader,” who is already a member of the IFW site must send someone new, a “newbie,” to the site and have the newbie sign up under them. The newbie is called a “referral” of the trader. Once the newbie signs up under the trader by means of a specific referral link, they can complete their offer(s) for the trader.
There are many rules and steps you need to follow in order to be successful with Freebie Trading, the learning curve is a little steep, the lingo is confusing, and because there is so little room for error you can not afford to learn as you go. For this reason, it is a great idea to find yourself a trader who will become your mentor, and not only help you with following the rules and steps to make money, but also teach you and guide you through the trading process.
WHY? Not only will your mentor make you more money, but they will also help you to make this a business for yourself. REMEMBER: Your mentor has to refer you to these IFW sites in order for you to be paid right? Well, your mentor will also be teaching you how to be a successful trader like they are, so that when your training is done, you can have your own Freebie Trading business like they do!!! Understand The Freebie Industry, How it works, and How you can Profit From it like they do !!!
What is Freebie Trading?
Freebie Trading is the process of signing up for a product or service and referring others to do the same in exchange for a cash payment or free products. Examples of advertisers’ offers include a variety of free trial offers, inexpensive advertised products for purchase, credit card applications, and subscriptions to membership services.

What is an Incentivized Freebie Websites (IFWs)?
Incentivized Freebie Websites (IFWs) are a network of websites that have advertised offers; they promote products and services for the merchants.
They are backed by big name corporations that want to get their products in potential costumer’s hands.
The advertisers such as Dish Network, Netflix, Discover Card, Vista Print and the like pay the IFW site for sending those referrals and the IFW site pay you for trying the service or product. When you complete the offer (usually a free trial for a set number of days, some that charge a shipping and handling fee, etc. but most all are a reduced price of what you would normally pay) the network gets paid from an affiliate that is running the advertiser’s offer. If you follow the terms, the network is paid and this is how they can afford to pay the person who referred you to the site.
Normally, the advertised offers would pay a lot more money just to get their product seen. But in incentivized marketing, they don’t pay for advertising or any fees to anyone unless the lead actually tries their product or service.
What Is A Freebie Trader?
A Freebie Trader is someone who pays for referrals
What  Is  a  Referrals?
Referral is someone who gets paid for completing offers.
What is  Completing Offers!
It is  the process of going to the merchant (advertiser) site; sign up, and met the requirements  for a product or service.

Williams T Alexis
Affiliate Network Team
By: Williams T Alexis Google